+260 973099707

They harassed me and work away with sum of money Reported by:Akiyele phiri. Is This Phone Number a SCAM? :Not Sure


He is harassing me for airtime and saying I won 550 thousand Reported by:Tina. Is This Phone Number a SCAM? :Yes


I got a suspicious message that reads like this in part.. “The Reverend Telephone number is (+221709230933), tell him to kindly send you the certified bank …


rani ms79 telrphone 69i9a ndir inernet bih ana ahmed malfa imen dirli ida 3adt 3ndk Reported by:ahmed. Is This Phone Number a SCAM? :not sure


I blocked this number months ago but they still I can see in my log they still call all the time. Reported by:Vern. Is This Phone …


its pretending globe telecom that i was been charge for Php 300 for calling land line Reported by:jericho resco. Is This Phone Number a SCAM? :yes

00 44 1678 449308

(I put above the strangers number while mine is +386 70 459 168, not sure if its necessary) Well i live in Europe, thats why i …