+852 3460 9136

Caller, claimed calling from a bank, asked if you would like to borrow money. Reported by:Barbaricop. Is This Phone Number a SCAM? :Not sure


Siap kau aku report polis Reported by:Danish. Is This Phone Number a SCAM? :Yes


I Dont Know Who Is …Can I Know Who Is That Number..0148773482 I Need To Know The Number Details Who Is Using It Reported by:PRASHAENAN. Is …


Asking for id no for new ccard approval for standard chartered Reported by:Credit card company. Is This Phone Number a SCAM? :Yes


He coned my money claiming he works on kcb bank so he took my whole 10124shillings Reported by:Ann wangari. Is This Phone Number a SCAM? :Yes


This number really weird, call me show me the sexual harassment picture, then they want spread the picture using my face from the picture. Reported by:Haziqah. …


This lady’s name is Annica she a coin lady she took my car for a week now under falls pretend that she is in to tourism …


Called and said there is strange movement in my dbs account. Asked me to press 3 to check. I called back using landline. A Chinaman who …